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Wall Street Bonuses Are Expected to Sink for 3rd Straight Year

New York Times

Alan Johnson, the founder of Johnson Associates, describes this pattern as a “malaise,” and one that is unlikely to reverse itself anytime soon.

“I don’t see it changing for the next year or two, either,” he said in a phone interview. “The pressures in the industry on profit and fees are going to continue, and I think pay will likely continue to decline in 2017.”

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Deutsche Bank Said to Weigh Alternatives to Cash Bonuses

Bloomberg News

The bank risks angering staff if it abandons cash incentives entirely, said Alan Johnson, founder of New York-based compensation consultancy Johnson Associates Inc. If the board proceeds, it should at least pay cash bonuses to junior staff and structure something creatively for senior bankers that could dramatically increase in value if the bank recovers.

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Wells Fargo’s CEO pay clawback puts Wall Street executives on notice


“Compensation is going to be a much more political process going forward. You’re going to based not only on your merits but what is politically attractive at the moment,” said Alan Johnson, managing director of compensation consulting firm Johnson Associates.

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It’s getting much harder to bring in $1M a year in asset management sales


“Most [asset management] sales today involve lots of people – it’s not the stereotype of an individual salesman going around picking up orders,” said Alan Johnson, the founder and managing director of Johnson Associates. “With most fund firms now having a distribution strategy across multiple channels, it requires a more nuanced comp system, more of a hybrid – that’s where the world is going, and it’s the kind of thing you’ve got to get right.”

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UBS Slashes Bonuses for Fee-Based Brokers, Raises Industry Eyebrows


Compensation plans are, nevertheless, meant to modify behavior, and UBS may be trying to send brokers who still like transactions another message with its new plan, according to pay consultants.

“They probably figure that the transformation to fee-based has stabilized and that they need to keep high-producing brokers in place,” said Johnson Associates founder Alan Johnson.

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The Biggest Mistakes Executives Make With Retirement Packages

Wall Street Journal

Let the employer make the initial offer, says Alan Johnson, managing director of Johnson Associates, an executive compensation consulting firm in New York. The problem, he says, is essentially people are guessing at what the company will give them—and they may undersell themselves.

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Top C.E.O. Pay Fell – Yes, Fell – in 2015

New York Times

“The inequality movement has created a whole backlash against C.E.O. pay,” said Alan Johnson, managing director of Johnson Associates, a compensation consulting firm.

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JPMorgan Mulls Pay Changes After Record Low Investor Support

Bloomberg News

‘Uncomfortably Close’

The 61 percent tally is “uncomfortably close to 50 percent,” said Alan Johnson, managing director of compensation-consulting firm Johnson Associates. “You don’t want to fail the vote, not at a big bank.”

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Lower bonuses, more job cuts in store for Wall St in 2016: study


Job cuts and constrained hiring are expected to continue on Wall Street in 2016, with bonuses likely to be lower than in 2015 due to difficult market conditions, according to a study by compensation consultant Johnson Associates.

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Move over NY – here comes Jacksonville

Financial Times

“My clients have come to the conclusion that lots of these people don’t need to be in Midtown Manhattan or the City of London,” said Alan Johnson, managing director of Johnson Associates, a financial services pay consultant. “It doesn’t make sense any more.”

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